Blinking a scream
a concert by Alma de Rímel*

She's never done either this or this before but she's never made anything better than being wrong.
She's finding her way to escape chronos, by diving deep inside make-up, lycra, fog and Phobos.
She suffers synesthesia: getting a glimpse of that muffled scream, smelling that squeak, caressing that screech…
She sneezes ‘cauz she is walking on her high heels.
STOP! Don’t do it! Don’t plug her!
She is highly low-tech!
Even more ... she is contagious and she’s right there!
She's epic-demic! She's a virus! She's difficult to identify: she changes all the time.
She is never 100% a song, neither a symbol, nor a volcano, not even a hole!
You cannot name her… but she’s got her own definition... Do you want to hear it?
She is Alma de Rímel! Are you ready for Glammatics?

*In English: Soul of Mascara

The links above are from:,,,, myownlittlecrazyworld’s blog,,,,,,, (Frankie goes to Hollywood, New Scientist and BBC) and the film Parsifal by H.J Syberberg.

Alma de Rímel is María Jerez
Web by Fernando Giménez